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eeeWhat is ADLA?

The ADLA or Advent Defense League Academy is a travelling school that exists because there is a need for the church to be trained in apologetics and proper outreach methods. Many believers do not engage in apologetics and outreach efforts because they do not know how. We believe that training in witnessing, evangelism and theology will result in both successful outreach and more intimate experience with Jesus. Equipped with the proper tools, students become confident “fishers of men,” actively working in their church and community, preaching the gospel and defending their faith. The need for this kind of training is evident in our churches and we want to fill that need.


Your church becomes a training school for the time specified. Members are trained using PowerPoints, videos, along with materials such as homework. There are quizzes and a final exam, which members are expected to pass with a minimum of 70%.


If you would like individual training, contact us at:  Individual trainings use the same materials we use at the school, and takes place through Zoom meetings. It also includes quizzes and a final exam.


Among other things, members will be taught the following:

  • Introduction to apologetics.
  • Hermeneutical principles.
  • How to analyze and respond to specific arguments.
  • How to detect logical fallacies.
  • Persuasion and witnessing techniques.
  • How to engage in apologetics in a Christ centered way.

Members may also participate in community events, mock debates, and special prayer times. 


Depends. We offer four types of courses:


For four weeks we dive into outreach and apologetics in a very informative and practical way. Depending on the schedule created with the church, the last week may be a week-long seminar.


This is a 1-week intensive. The most important materials are selected and condensed during this course. However this does not include any outreach effort.


This is a 1 day course. We give two presentations with a small quiz at the end. This seminar is great for churches that want to first try out the school for a day.

Or, we can create a schedule together to work around the churches specific needs.


  • Church training is brought to churches on a donation basis. We do require coverage of travel and stay. We negotiate a fair price.
  • Personal online training cost is $499.00, with 11 classes in total.
  • Group online training cost is $799.00, with 11 classes in total.


Interested? Send an email to: and we can set up a Zoom video conference to iron out the details.


Impact peoples life in the most vital way


Training and materials for successful outreach


We have a dedicated and professional team of God-fearing men and women who have a passion for defending the truth and spreading the gospel message.

Edwin M. Cotto, Director and Instructor

With over 14 years of experience in apologetics, evangelism and youth directing, Edwin has worked with various ministries including international Spanish ministry El Ministerio Internacional Jesús es la Solución. Edwin has had the opportunity to travel to various states in the USA, and also to Venezuela and Mexico to conduct evangelistic meetings and outreach efforts. Edwin made his first televised appearance on 3ABN’s Celebrating Life in Recovery with Cheri Peters. His education includes training in the Medical Field, Adult Education at Valencia College, Biblical Hebrew with the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies, and Evangelism with Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism, and is furthering his studies in Theology. He is also a Bible Worker for the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, an ordained elder, a business owner, and a family man.

Diana has a passion for working for the Lord and has directed the communications department in her local church. As a graduate with her B.A. in graphic design and web development, she uses her education and talent as a means to further the kingdom of God on the social media and internet platform. She is the main designer for our previous training website. Diana is married with two children. Diana and Edwin enjoy spending time with their family and making sure their children are instructed in the love of Christ.

Diana C. Cotto, Director of Communications and Media

Pastor Timothy Taylor, Instructor

Timothy Taylor currently serves as the pastor of the Lake Wales and Frostproof Churches for the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He is also the President of Army of Youth Ministries which seeks to network, train, and mobilize members for ministry. He is a graduate of Andrews University (MDiv), Southern Adventist University (BA in Theology), and AFCOE (Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism). Pastor Tim enjoys meeting new people and sharing his love for Jesus Christ. He has traveled throughout the world on various speaking engagements to offer hope and encouragement to others.

Christopher Sernaque, ADL and Creationist Apologist

Christopher Sernaque is a psychotherapist and Crisis Counselor who studied psychology and forensic science at Ashworth College and integrative mental health at Texas State University. He is a baptized member of the organized Seventh-day Adventist church and is in good standing. He is an SDA apologist, was trained by AFCOE, and is an Amazing Facts correspondence team member. He is a manager and is the head of communications for Christ Jesus Ministries, an official supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church. His deepest personal conviction is that we are all called to reflect the image of Jesus and that we are to idolize no man. Christopher firmly believes that it is the Truth that saves and he deeply cares for his beloved family.

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