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The connecting truths that show the love and beauty in doctrinal logic of God’s Word are taught by Adventist Defense League.

Angela Browne

You know it is very interesting facts.

Romel Fereria Mag-isa

I am seeking the truth and it seems I am always directed back to SDA, although I am not an SDA, I do have open mind and heart to it.


Love your ministry.

Ryan O'Neil Seaton

This site is really awsome!! i believe if more adventist visited this site… there would be more belief’s and less doubts!…. Good Job Keep up the good work… keep preaching the truth… God bless bretheren

Baltazar Flores

I’ve been searching for this kinds of site and now I found it! I’m studying the bible because I know the end is very near!! Happy sabbath! (Japan)

Nyl Longhas

I’m so glad you have this kind of website.Very interesting to read! God bless you and more power!

Bjorn Jon D. Capiendo

These sites are a great source of information, I hope you don’t mind me posting them on my site for others to view and learn from. May the lord continue to bless you…


our Almighty Father be with you always, Amen James


Great site folks. Seeing all these attacks on the church on the internet, i.e. exadventist, life assurance ministries, but I knew they were leaving things out and you guys have all the answers. Keep it up.!


BULA from FIJI.Keep up the good work…….in GOD we trust……amen.


Hi Bro Edwin,
Great site. I enjoy the three angel’s messages study and the loud cry


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We’ve been very blessed to receive not only these testimonials but many emails, Facebook messages and face to face accounts of how the Adventist Defense League has impacted lives. Your story will be just as encouraging to us and others. It is what makes this all worth it.


Impact peoples life in the most vital way


Training and materials for successful outreach

I really like what you got here. Great Topics and the name of this site says it all.

Broken Adventist Ministry

hi guys may the great IAM continue to use you for the salvation of mankind


Greetings brethren, I praise Jesus for your courage in informing His people of passing prophecy, so we know step by step where we are. Please look at (walter veith, i hear the rumbling) on You Tube. We have arrived at the door. God be with you all, I’ll see you when we get there.

Theresa Kelly

Hey i like your blog. where is the subscribe button to this blog.. I would like to follow this page. Interesting topic!.. Im going to add you on fb!!

Gina Campos

hi i just want to say that what u lot are doing is a very good job and i believe the lord is going to bless u guys i a am seventh day adventist and i blieve that the sabbath is on a saturday also i believe that the world is coming to a end so i am telling u guyz not to give up and just remain to look up to the lord and be his sheep may the lord bless u lot may he makehis conventants shine upon u may he give u perfect peace peace of ur family peace where every u go amen. may praise go on to the lord. god is love xxx


very good site, seems so many bad mouth sda so good to see a site that makes them look twice, keep up the good work.


Hey Edwin, I’ve been reposting some material on my blog. I hope you don’t mind. Don’t worry, I never fail to credit you guys and provide a link. God Bless.


i’m from indonesia..just drop by and say hi from here…may god with u everywhere u go..keep the good work


With very best wishes for continued success in this ministry

F C Ireland

Hi Edwin-Enjoyed reading your web site! Hope to be a part of your ministry sometime soon.

Sharon L Hamilton

Hey Edwin,

Great work on the site. I’m looking forward to reading more.


hey edwin i like wat u have done with the page and wil be going on it more often to read the studies im eager to learn with them thanks 🙂


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Hey I like what you’re doing here! I have a blog dedicated to defending traditional Adventist beliefs from the more liberal theology out there today within our own church. I also created TABS, Traditional Adventist Bloggers Society. Check out my blog and let me know if we can work together. Be faithful, Todd

Todd G

I’ve been spreading the word about this website to my fellow Adventist believers. Keep up the good work!


I am so glad that I found this site. this is what I looking for. I need this info. to learn and to be prepare for the last days. The good Lord may bless all.

Felix fuentes

I have reviewed your slide presentation The 3 Angels Message and checked it against scripture. There are errors in your presentation the first scripture quoted 1 Timothy should be II Timothy there are a few other errors you might want to review it and correct it. Nice work except for the editing.

Ed Collins

When i’ve seen you’re site I was positively suprised to see gr8 SDA apologetics, you’re amaizing!


bakani thanks man wouldnt hv found this site without u luv u bra!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello: My wife and I (Seventh Day Adventists) just watched: Attack On The Sabbath and The Coming Sunday Law. Great! Is there a way of getting a DVD of that? We have been looking over your web site. Thank you


Well hello husband,
Just came by and must say that page is gettin more and more filled with studies each week. So know i realize why you love to be on the computer. Site looks great if I may add. Your so creative and I know your site will only continue to become and grow better with the Lord’s help. Ok, love you and God bless you my darling.


praise God for His mercy endureth forever…
amen, amen and amen.


Hi Edwin, fantastic work in defending the truth. God bless you. Also, thank you very much for claryfying my doubts! I’ll continue to learn from you…

Stephen Mendis

Hi Edwin, you guys are doing a great work for the Master. You are indeed given reasons for your faith to anyone who question you. What marvels me is the Bible centered answers you provide. Thank God for such.


hey edwin !! how you doing ? just thought i’d come to the page and visit.. nice paage bro… very impressive.. i must sayy.. =] god bless and further blessings… take care.


Share a Testimonial

We’ve been very blessed to receive not only these testimonials but many emails, Facebook messages and face to face accounts of how the Adventist Defense League has impacted lives. Your story will be just as encouraging to us and others. It is what makes this all worth it.

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