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Seventh Day Adventist Links:

The Official Seventh Day Adventist Website
The Ellen G. White Estate
Adventist Biblical Research
Circle Adventist Resources
Adventist Digital Library

Adventist Defense Links:

Ellen G. White Truth
Adventist Defend
Ellen G. White Defend
Defense of the Writings of Ellen White
Ellen White Answers
SDA for
Broken Adventist

Adventist Defense Links in Spanish:

Centro de investigacion White (Center of White Investigation)
Elena White Defensa (Ellen White Defense)

Adventist Defense Links in Portuguese:

Ellen White Defesa em português (Ellen White Defense) 

Websites specializing on the Plagiarism charges:

A Copyright Attorney Examines the Writings
Answers to the Plagiarism charge
Falsely accused of Plagiarism
An Analysis of the Literary Dependency of Ellen White

Adventist Links:

Our Higher Calling Ministry
The Three (this website is also owned by us)
The 3 Angels Message (by Michael McCaffrey)
Michael Scheifler’s Bible Light
The Present Truth Ministry
Amazing Facts 
Get Ready Sermons -Free Media Ministry (a website providing free DVDs on present truth) 
Secrets Unleashed
Adventist Wheat (good information on present truth)
Ellen White Audio (better then YouTube!)

Adventist Blogging:

Sabbath Connections
Seasons of the Heart
Right End of the Telescope
Open Adventist

Recommended Read:

A Response to the Video: Seventh Day Adventism: The Spirit behind the Church

“Factual Replies to Misleading Information circulated on video and web-sites” –Bob Pickle, author. Purchase the book here!

Free Books:

-Listen to or Read Steps to Christ by Ellen. G. White
-Read The Great Controversy by Ellen G. White
-Listen to The Great Controversy by Ellen G. White
-The National Sunday Law by A. Jan Marcussen
– Read Was Ellen White a Plagiarist? by David Conklin

Non-Adventist Links

Vatican Assassins
Just for Catholics
How to be Healthy Naturally

Other Links and Tools for your research:

Christian Links
Free Bible Software with Concordance:
Blue Letter Bible
Free online Septuagint (LXX) Greek translation of the Old Testament


DISCLAIMER: I have visited the above web sites and find them to have alot of excellent resources. While I may not agree completely with every view presented, nor how something might be presented, I have found abundant truth to warrant my recommending them to you. I urge that when visiting any web site, that you do not just accept what view is presented as being bible truth without testing it by the Word of God in doing your own study. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.



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