About Us

The Advent Defense League is dedicated to defending Bible truth and responding to alleged arguments against Adventist biblical doctrines. It began in 2008 on a simple blog and has since expanded to include preaching and teaching in our travels along with conducting apologetics seminars.

Why Do We Exist?

Because many sincere but misguided critics have caused confusion among the ranks of our members.


We analyze the various arguments that have been brought forth to oppose the truth and offer clear and simple responses in the form of articles, comments, videos and more.


We search the internet, read books, and find those arguments. Many of them come to us in the form of questions or attacks. We love it when that happens because it makes us aware of opposing views we would not otherwise become aware of.

Hello, my name is Edwin M. Cotto and I am the trouble maker who dared confront the critics. I am the director and founder of the Advent Defense League and with me are various other apologists who share my concern and offer their valuable insights. We have grown tired of the repeated attacks by the critics and the confusion they’ve caused among Adventist members. So, we have decided to take up arms and with the Bible prove that Adventism is biblically sound.


Want to join the team?

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Use your amazing gifts and heart to “love your neighbor” by helping us remove stumbling blocks and bring people closer to Jesus. “He who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save a soul from death and cover a multitude of sins (James 5:20).

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