Ellen White contradicted the bible at least eight times?

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Among the many accusations, there is one list we have spent much time investigating. It’s a list put together by critics Dirk Anderson and Robert K. Sanders where they claim that Ellen White contradicted the bible at least eight times. The following is our response to these allegations:
1. Did Satan Deceive Adam?
In Evangelism, page 598, Ellen White said that Adam “was deceived in a similar way.” Did she contradict 1 Timothy 2:14, which says that Adam was not deceived? No! The quote says he was deceived in a “similar” way. Eve was deceived by the serpent, Adam was not. He “hearkened unto the voice of his wife” (Gen. 3:17). Ellen comments again on this subject in her book Confrontation, page 86, where she says, “Adam was not deceived by the serpent, as was Eve.” All who sin, after all, have in one way or the other been “deceived” (see Romans 7:11, James 1:14015). Want more? Go DEEPER.
2. Was Israel destroyed by Gluttony?
Is there a difference between gluttony and lust? Our critic seems to think so. Find out for yourselves. Response
3. Can we be certain of our salvation?
Was Ellen White really saying that we can not be certain of our salvation? Or was she trying to teach something else? Those who believe in “once saved always saved” seem to be the ones who mostly have a problem with this one. Let’s read what she meant together. Response
4. A sin to be sick?
Ellen White said that it is a sin to be sick… but, what did she mean by that? Could it be that she was talking about our sinful choices, which will produce sickness? Response
5. Christians to make trespass offerings?
Our critics use Hebrews 10:12,18 against a comment made by Ellen White in an article addressed to women and the way they dressed in her days. Why did she end her article with this comment? Response
6. Who spoke to Cain?
Sometimes Ellen White referred to Jesus as an Angel, as the bible has often done as well. What exactly was our critic trying to tell us with this one? Response
7. Is Jesus the Almighty God?
In a half-quoted sentence penned by Ellen White, it seems like she is saying that Jesus was not God. But, what happens when we quote the entire sentence? Response
8. Does God hate wicked children?
In a couple of letters written to her children from countries like Australia, Ellen White urged her children to maintain their relationship with Jesus. Find out what she meant when she made the above comment. Response
Please Note: Dirk Anderson has two versions of the above list. His second version includes another supposed contradiction called “Is Slavery a Sin?” Click Here for a Response.


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