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Edwin M. Cotto vs. Paul Newcombe

     The following is an online debate which took place in 2016 between myself and a Catholic apologist by the name of Paul Newcombe. Due to the business of life, my friend and opponent could not continue the debate, and it has been placed on hold until further notice. This was not a capitulation on his part. I am well acquainted with the circumstances of life that leads a person to dedicated more time on things more important.
Nevertheless, I am sharing the debate that has taken place for the benefit of my readers. I hope that this would be a blessing to you. When I review my own contents I realize areas I could have improved upon, but for sake of honesty, I left everything intact as originally posted.

The following links lead to another website where the debates took place. If this debate ever resumes, I will notify the public here. Happy reading!

This debate has been paused due to family and other circumstances deemed by both parties as of more importance. As mentioned above, if and when it resumes, I will place a notice here.Edwin M. Cotto
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About The Author

Edwin Cotto

With years of experience in evangelism and youth directing, Edwin has worked with various ministries including Our Higher Calling and Spanish ministry El Ministerio Internacional Jesús es la Solución where he had the opportunity to travel conducting evangelistic meetings. Edwin has also appeared on 3ABN, worked as the main apologist at the Adventist Defense League, and is trained and certified with the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. He is also a Bible Worker for the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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