The Trinity Doctrine: Proverbs 8

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In this chapter we find “wisdom” personified as one who was brought up with the Lord before the creation of the heavens and the earth. Because of the words of this “wisdom” some have concluded that wisdom is Jesus Christ. For example, verses 35 and 36 tell us that the person who does not have wisdom loves death, yet he who does have wisdom “findeth life.” We know that life is in Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

We agree that this chapter is speaking about Jesus in his preexistence. Yet there are some concerns brought up regarding this chapter:

1: Jesus was “possessed” by the Lord in the beginning -verse 22.
2: Jesus was “set up” from everlasting -verse 23.
3: Jesus was “brought forth” -verse 24.

And so because such words are used to describe him, they conclude, despite what the rest of scripture has to say on the matter, that Jesus had a beginning; that at some point in time “began.” Those who hold this position should study what these words actually mean:

Possessed: The word here is the Hebrew word “qanah.” According to Brown Driver Brigg’s Hebrew Definitions, it can hold any of the following meanings:

– to get
-cause to possess

Most of the times it is translated either buy, bought or get in the bible, because this is its first definition.

How was Jesus bought? Why did the Lord buy him? Does this word specifically mean to “create?”

Set Up: This word is the Hebrew word “nasak” and literally means “to pour out, pour, offer, cast.” Now this word is interesting. According to Strong’s the meaning of this word is in the sense of “anointing as King.” Well, we are getting a bigger picture. Jesus was “bought” and then chosen and anointed as King. Let’s see the next word.

Brought Forth: The Hebrew word here is “chul, chyl.” Here’s the meaning:

-to twist, whirl, dance, writhe, fear, tremble, travail, be in anguish, be pained, to twist, to whirl, whirl about, to dance, to writhe (in travail with), bear, bring forth, to wait anxiously, be made to bear, to be born, writhing, suffering torture (participle), to wait longingly, to be distressed.

Amazing! We who understand the sanctuary know that a lamb was to be chosen and bought, then killed for the sin of the people. These texts in Proverbs 8 give us a description of the Lamb of God, chosen to be the Messiah, to be anointed, and to suffer in pain the death that we deserved upon the cross of Calvary!

Can “possessed” mean “create?” Sure, but how was he created? Not as God, for God has no beginning nor ending. This word is never even translated “create” anywhere in the Hebrew Old Testament. We have seen that Jesus is God, so when it says he was “possessed” it alludes to our first text in the previous section, Micah 5:2, which speaks about Christ’s origin as Messiah!

From the beginning, before the worlds were created, Jesus Christ, our Lord and our God, was chosen by the Father (“I will be to him a Father, he shall be to me a Son” -Hebrews 1:5) to be anointed as King and to suffer; be twisted, tormented, whirled about, put to pain, anguish and fear for my sins and for your sins. In other words, these verses are speaking to us; once again, about the origins of Jesus as Messiah when he was chosen to be the suffering servant.

We pray that this was helpful in your studies and walk with the Lord. Know for a surety that their indeed is a divine Godhead in the heavens, which designed this plan to save mankind. Each, in his own separate ways, does their part in this work, yet they do it in unity, for they were always united, both in spirit, and in truth.

There is much more that can be said about the Godhead, about Jesus and about the Holy Spirit. We believe this 32 page article has provided enough proof. Yet if there are any questions, send them to us. And when we receive enough of them we will add our “Your Thoughts Questions answered” section below. God bless you.

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