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This website is run by a Christian ministry called “Our Higher Calling Ministry.” As you have probably seen on the DVD movie you saw called “Identifying the Antichrist,” our main message is to spread the gospel truth about our Love Jesus Christ, along with the warnings he himself has given his people as found in the scriptures.

We wanted to provide you with some more information to help you in your research. First, the original purpose of this website was built to explain and defend the truth as it is found in the teachings of historic Seventh Day Adventism. Because our message is controversial, as you have noticed in the movie, many who disagree attack the teachings along with the church teaching it. So as a result, many of the articles you will find here deal primarily with issues surrounding our church. You’ll find that these truths can not be refuted.

But, we also have articles dealing with prophecy and doctrine. Therefore we would like to share with you another one of our websites called “The Three Angels” found at It is still growing, since its brand new, but we hope to add more information as the Lord provides. This website is specifically built to explain what you are on the DVD movie. Therefore we encourage you to visit today.

Below we want to share with you the book form of the movie you have just seen. You probably saw it at the end of the movie. Feel free to share it with your pastor, friends, family, or anyone you’d like. Our service is free for all, so if you would like some more information (books, movies, pamphlets, audio sermons, websites, etc), or if you live in the NJ/NY area and would like to request personal bible studies, or you would like to receive the book format of Identifying the Antichrist so that you can read it at your convenience, please feel free to contact us at:

Below are the three chapters of the book Identifying the Antichrist:

Identifying the Antichrist Part 1
Identifying the Antichrist Part 2
Identifying the Antichrist Part 3

Recommended Read:

Not only has the movie shown you the warnings contained in the bible, it also proved that the bible is not just some book… it is the inspired word of God. The fulfillment of the prophecies you saw (and maybe read about) prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the bible is true, and that there really is a God who loves you, and wants the best for you, just as the bible says. If you are new to the faith, or would like to learn more about the Lord Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice he did on your behalf, we share for your encouragement the following books written by Ellen G. White:

Steps to Christ
The Desire of Ages
The Great Controvery between Christ and Satan

These are also available in book format at your request.


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Edwin Cotto

With years of experience in evangelism and youth directing, Edwin has worked with various ministries including Our Higher Calling and Spanish ministry El Ministerio Internacional Jesús es la Solución where he had the opportunity to travel conducting evangelistic meetings. Edwin has also appeared on 3ABN, worked as the main apologist at the Adventist Defense League, and is trained and certified with the Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism. He is also a Bible Worker for the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

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